Jazz Ensembles

Jazz ensembles are formed for students of similar ages and levels middle school, high school and adult. Students are placed in ensembles of four or more members according to schedules and levels of proficiency. Ensembles are scheduled throughout the week. Each session is one hour. Private study at WCM is not required. Class fee may be pro-rated depending on starting date. Permission of instructor required. Since members of ensembles are part of a music-making team, participants are expected to attend all rehearsals so that everyone can have the best possible musical learning experience.
$315 one hour per week 15 weeks

Beginning Jazz Group
(middle school and high school)
Both performance and class work to learn the rudiments of jazz improvisation. Permission of instructor required.

Advanced Jazz Ensemble
Performance-oriented ensemble for middle school and high school. Permission of instructor required.

Adult Jazz Ensembles
Performance-oriented ensemble for adults. Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Joshua Bayer

Electric Ensemble Plus
Jazz and rock ensembles for electric guitarists, horns and rhythm section. Performance-oriented ensembles. Ages 12-18. One year playing experience and concurrent private instrument study required. Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Fred Wilchek

Drumset Ensemble
Emphasis on soloing, accompaniment, interpretation of written parts for rock and jazz. Basic drumset technique, sight-reading ability necessary. Drumsets provided for class. Year-end performance. Permission of instructor and drumset for home practice required. Maximum six students.
Instructor: Howard Kadison

Percussion Ensemble
A performance class for young beginners. Music of Jazz, Latin, and modern composers using primarily non-pitched instruments. Permission of instructor required.
Instructor: Howard Kadison

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Jazz Studies

Jazz One on One
for Pianists and Instrumentalists

Private instructor to learn fundamentals of improvisation and jazz theory or refine already developed skills. Requires basic knowledge of instrument, scales and meter. Any instrument, all ages. For individual lesson rates, see
Individual Lessons.
Instructor: Joshua Bayer

Armstrong to Zappa: A Jazz Seminar
A 6-week sonic cruise through the history of jazz featuring recordings of great jazz musicians. If you've ever wanted to be hip to the scene, this is the class for you. It breaks down the music for the beginner and tears the veil off this mysterious art form.
$120, 7-8 pm, Tuesdays
March 13-April 17

Instructor: Chris Desrocher

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