The following writings were contributed by Washington Conservatory students and parents, in an effort to express how music makes them feel when playing music, listening to music or learning about music.

Music is cool.
Uplifting to your spirit.
Sing a song.
I love music a lot.
Can you make music?
~ Darci Amber Law

Cellist How I feel when I feel the music and I am making the music is like the gasoline in a car.
The gasoline makes the car go,
I make the music,
If the gasoline were alive it would feel the motion of the car,
I feel the music,
I not only hear it with my ears,
I feel as it flows through me, through my heart and every cell in my body,
- and the music makes me whole.
~ Patrick Riechert

Adult Student
Such elegant sounds!
Alas, only in my head,
Not in my fingertips.
~ Consuela Allen

Playing Bach
One measure only-
Eyes stinging from such beauty!
It must do for now.
~ Consuela Allen

Violin and Oboe Duo -A Lesson-
My teacher identifies which parts of my music are suffering from what;

-inspiration and imagination deficiency;
-stiff walk from lack of flexibility;
-inarticulate speech from missing teeth;
-indulgence instead of analysis;
-injury from too much banging
~ Junko Saito

You can lose your soul to music.
You can find your soul to music.

Cry with the music.
Laugh with the music.

God hears the sad song.
God hears the happy song.
~ Robert C. Newton

  Music is a great experience for both
  fun				 and
  for				  your
  soul.				  There's
  jazz,				   pop,
  hip-hop,			  folk,
  and				 many
  more				  types
  of				  music
 I especially			enjoy classical
music like Bach		      and Mozart. When
 I play music			I get a tingling
 sensation in			 my fingers
  and a				  warm
  feeling			   in
   my				  heart.

~ Damjan Korac

The great house sits in silence,
with that sudden awesome silence
as we wait the magic moment of the fall of the baton.
To my ears now sounds come surging
at the beat's insistent urging,
and around my head is swinging
all the strings as they are singing,
and that throbbing and the drumming are the beating of my heart.

A trumpet boldly daring,
all the horns divinely blaring and the fluting and the keening
bring a breathless godlike meaning
to a deeper depth of sound;
the erotic resonating of a deepr depth of sound.

Then in climax all together,
sweetly intimate together,
all the sound in deep profundo
makes a magic never dreamed of,
makes a magic made of mad love.

And the final great crescendo
grips me tightly where my soul is
and another kind of silence,
a breathless fractured silence,
ere the house its voice is finding,
as the magic comes unwinding, and we shout and cry applauding,
inarticulately lauding; and it's never really over,
never ever really over, for my spirit still is singing
and my heart can't stop its dancing.

Then an absolute completion
overwhelms my mind a while
and finds me numbly standing in the aisle.
And I marvel at the meaning,
the deep religious meaning
of how all of us together,
how they and I together
gave in to wanton leaning,
and coming all together made our music in the night.
~ Ernest Lent

What is so new
About the marriage of human and machine?
Musicians are all "cyborgs."
~ Brad Crum

seen and noted.
When I see you there on stage,
audience forgotten for the moment,
Smiling faintly at the sound, as it bounds, rebounds and then escapes the earth,
I know that you have already glimpsed the truth.
So fortunate. So young.
~ Brad Crum

Singer Elke's Gift
To hear
What I never heard before
I wasn't really listening.

To know
What I never knew before
I wasn't really thinking.

To create
What I never had before
My mind is open wide.

To thank
Who I never knew before
Her gift has set me free.
~ Barbara Perlik

Music makes me dance. ~ Octave (5 years old)
Music goes with ballerinas. ~ Caitlin (4 years old)
Music makes me want to dance outside. ~ Camille (4 years old)
Music makes me think of American pirates fighting a bad dragon and super heroes. ~ Ethan (4 years old)
Music makes me play my drums and cymbals. ~ Preston (6 years old)
Music makes me happy. ~ Alexi (5 years old)
I feel fast and silly when I play my violin. ~ Victor (5 years old)

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